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We have pioneered the professional development of customized software solutions and the implementation of processes, methodologies, practices, and innovative tools throughout the life cycle of the applications. Our core focus has always been the quality, the strength, and the performance of the software we develop.


.Net Application Development

Our company specializes in the development of innovative software based on .NET development platform. Our applications are designed on the basis of a flexible and strong architecture, ready to support the changes and modifications users demand.

Our development cycle, based on the experience over more than 1,000 international projects, ensures the best time to market and excellent maintenance cost.

  • Development version 1
  • Migration, reengineering, upgrading
  • Consultancy, training, and mentoring for teams and development areas
  • Implementation of .Net


Our vast experience in the development of business solutions based on Java platform has enabled us to develop and integrate applications in all frameworks and application servers available as well.

The high satisfaction level of our customers positions us as the reliable technology partner for their projects.

  • Software product development, version one
  • Software product evolution
  • Software reengineering
  • Software quality assurance & testing
  • Testing automation
  • Continuous integration
  • Architecture & design
  • Cloud computing (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)
  • Project recovery

Baufest Enterprise Application Factory

Software applications should meet the dynamic imposed by the business.

Baufest Application Factory combines infrastructure, development, quality management and governance services which ensure the ongoing development and delivery of software applications to fit the needs users have.


  • Applications available upon request of the business
  • Visibility of the results obtained
  • Flexibility to meet demand peaks
  • Optimization of IT costs and infrastructure

Baufest Application Factory expertise covers:

  • .Net
  • SharePoint
  • Java
  • Mobile
  • ABAP

Mobile & Internet of Things


One of our fields is the development and integration of your corporate applications, we tailor the experience of use to the capabilities of each device, while taking into account the different needs.

For more than 7 years, we have developed and embedded multi-platform mobile solutions for corporate platforms, offering:

  • Multi-device strategy and experience design
  • Customization, integration, and development
  • Web and native mobile development
  • Mobile technology adoption
  • Consultancy

Internet of Things

We design and develop solutions based on Internet Of Things (IoT), integrating them to existing applications and developing solutions from scratch.

The umbrella of our services includes implementations based on Arduino, Raspberry hardware or similar, interacting with sensors and close communication actuators based on Bluetooth, NFC, RF, and others.


We assist you in the safe transference of your applications to the cloud keeping its integration to your Company ecosystem. Our "cloud" adoption model ensures a smooth transition to the cloud which will enhance the availability of your applications, streamlining and standardization of the IT operations while reducing costs.

To this end, we have developed a gradual and flexible model that may be integrated to your organization at any stage of your cloud strategy. Our framework will help you take appropriate architecture and integration decisions, establishing a roadmap to ensure the continuity of operations, taking advantage of the benefits of the new paradigm.

The cloud is here to stay. Are your applications prepared? We make it possible.


Prepare your applications for the new context posed by the cloud, the mobile capabilities, and the growing information available within and without your organization.

Modernizing is much more than developing applications. It means to totally or partially redo an existing application on a new platform or technology, without interfering with the continuity of the operation.

We have developed a unique and proven modernization methodology that ensures:

  • Limited risk
  • Gradual and secure implementation
  • Ongoing operation
  • Very low deviation rates


The timely identification, assessment, and management of security risks associated to business applications, networks, mobile devices, and technological environments, enable the Company to face emerging threats, while maintaining the same level of compliance with the regulations, legal requirements, and industry standards.

We specialize in providing support to companies that are in the process of strengthening their SDL. We avoid the unsafe design and execution code defects found throughout the development, consequently avoiding legal penalties, fines, and loss of reputation.

  • Threat modeling
  • Security design & architecture
  • SDL transformation
  • SDL tools integration
  • Staff augmentation
  • Secure development training

Quality Assurance

The early detection of errors and the introduction of automated testing processes reduce the number of test cycles necessary for deployment in production, increase development speed, and ensure the availability of applications.

Baufest Quality Management Services strengthens the force of work teams by using automation tools under practices that adapt to each organization, thus guaranteeing:

  • Predictability
  • Reliability and stability
  • time-to-market reduction
  • Decrease in corrective maintenance
  • Ongoing business operation

Quality Factory:

  • Testing and planning strategy
  • Functional testing
  • Performance and security testing
  • Testing automation
  • Testing innovation and ongoing improvement

Evolution & Operations

Our Managed Application Services Services model will help you measure the impact and improvements produced by the service on your organization by:
  • Aligning IT services with the business needs
  • Transforming operating costs into investment
  • Redirecting efforts to produce innovation and better solutions for users
  • Maximizing the availability of applications
  • Maintenance
  • Support
  • Operation
  • Value model