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We design and implement the architecture for integration among your applications, business partners, and the cloud to speed up the processes throughout all the value chain.

  • Integration assessment: Assessment stage which determines the vision and level of maturity of the integration architecture
  • Integration design: The candidate architecture is defined, technologies and integration platforms are selected
  • Integration validation: The selected architecture is validated and developed in an iterative and gradual form until obtaining a stable initial version
  • Integration implementation: Applications are embedded to the defined architecture

Enterprise Software Architecture and SOA

We work in collaboration with the companies evolving towards SOA in the consultancy and implementation of corporate architectures from the very beginning. We assist our customers in the design of a clear vision to align IT efforts with their business in order to develop systems which resemble the structure of their organizations.

  • Enterprise architecture consulting
  • SOA assessment (OSSIM)
  • SOA reference architectures
  • BPF

Cloud & On premise

We design and implement the corporate integration architecture that allows for the improvement of business competitiveness, covering the entire value chain, either by own performance or the joint work with the business partners: partners, suppliers, and customers.

We diagnose and identify the vision, integration maturity level, and business strategy. We design the architecture and select the corporate technologies and platforms. In this sense, it is key to understand that it is increasingly necessary to work with the data out of the firewall, in Cloud or in business partner locations, in order to work out how to achieve the integration with on-premise data.

We validate the selected architecture through a gradual process, achieving the stable versión needed by our customers. Finally, we embed applications and services to the defined architecture.

Social Media Channels

Social networks are an increasingly important part of the integration process, for example, as response channel for campaigns or customer complaints.

For this reason, we identify the vision, integration maturity level, and business strategy to be able to design the candidate architecture, and select the corporate technologies and platforms that best meet the needs of each organization.